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CHECKFIRE MP-N Detection and Actuation System

CHECKFIRE MP-N Detection and Actuation System

The CHECKFIRE MP-N Electronic Detection and Actuation System provides automatic detection and actuation for underground mining equipment. The CHECKFIRE MP-N carries MSHA approval for use in underground mines (Permissible Applications in Explosive Methane/Air Applications).

The rugged control module resists shock and vibration and can be utilized as a self-contained system with its own internal Lithium battery. The CHECKFIRE system is typically used with an ANSUL Vehicle Fire Suppression System for 24-hour protection of equipment including detection, alarm, machine shutdown and fire suppression system actuation.

Two detection options are available including Linear Detection Wire and Spot Thermal Detection.


  • Supervised circuitry
  • Internally powered
  • Adjustable shutdown
  • Discharge time delays
  • Auxiliary shutdown relay