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TITAN UNIVERSAL HD SAE 15W-40: Good performance in normally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines and it’s ideal universal engine oil for mixed fleets which should if possible, be operated on one type of engine oil.


  • Protection against wear event at continuous full power operation
  • Protection against coking, lacquering, gumming and slugging at extremely high operating temperatures
  • Minimal oil consumption
  • Transmission and hydraulic systems in vehicles and industrial machinery which should be run on heavy duty SAE 15W, 15W-30, 15W-40, 20W-20, 20W-30, 20W-40 and 30 engine oils can be operated on TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 15W-40 with excellent results.

Spec: ACEA A3/B3/B4, API CG-4/CF/SL

Approvals: MB: 228.1/229.1, MAN 271, MTU DDC TYPE2

Recommends: VOLVO VDS, VW 501 01/505 00, MIL-L-2104E

Pour Point: -36C