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MasterGlenium SKY 8588

MasterGlenium SKY 8588 - High-range water-reducing shotcrete admixture


MasterGlenium SKY 8588 is a new generation superplasticizer  foconcrete.  It  contains polycarboxylate ether polymers and is specially formulated to give exceptionally high water reduction and significantly reduced slump loss. MasterGlenium SKY 8588 is free of chloride and has been formulated to comply with the requirements of ASTM C 494 for Type  and F admixtures. It is compatible with all cements meeting recognized international standards

Chemistry and Mechanism of action

The sulphonic group o the polymer chains increase the negative charge on the surface of the cement particle and dispersion of the lateral chains, linked to the polymer backbone, generate a steric hindrance that stabilizes the cement particles capacity to separate and disperse. This mechanism provides flowable concrete with greatly reduced water demand.

FIELDS OF APPLICATION                                    

  • Shotcrete
  • concrete with less water content than with conventional admixtures
  • faster mixing logistics during large jobs
  • high flowability concrete
  • highly durable concrete
  • high strength concrete
  • ready-mixed concrete
  • self compacting concrete
  • mass concrete
  • long distance transportation
  • pumped concrete


Do       not        use       other     water-reducers   and/or superplasticizers in the mix with MasterGlenium SKY 8588


Dosage of MasterGlenium SKY 8588 depends on the mix design, ambient conditions and degree of water reduction and workability required. Typical dosage is 1000 ml/100kg of cementitious material. Other dosages with a range of 800 to 2000ml/100kg of cementitious material may be recommended in special cases according to specific job site conditions. Trial concrete mixes must be carried out to determine the appropriate dosage.


MasterGlenium SKY 8588 is available in 1000 kg drums or bulk delivery.

SHELF LIFE                                                          

MasterGlenium SKY 8588 can be stored for 6 months if kept as recommended in the unopened original packaging at temperatures above 0°C. If frozen, thaw it and completely reconstitute by mild agitation. Do not use compressed air. Other admixtures, rain water, or any contamination must not penetrate into a container of MasterGlenium SKY 8588 during storage