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MasterGlenium SKY8402

MasterGlenium SKY8402- High-range water-reducing and slump retaining concrete admixture

The MasterGlenium product offering from BASF comprises new generation high-range water-reducing admixtures that are specially formulated for applications where slump retention, high/early strengths and durability are required. Concrete mixtures containing these premier products can be optimized for delivery in remote locations and for use in hot and cold climates.

MasterGlenium® SKYSKY8402 is a new generation superplasticiser for concrete. It contains polycarboxylate ether polymers and is specially formulated for ready-mix concrete where slump retention, high strength and durability are required in hot climates. The excellent dispersion effect makes MasterGlenium® SKY8402 the ideal admixture for the ready-mix concrete industry. The ability to work with low water /cement ratios and still obtain extended slump retention allows for the manufacture of high quality concrete. MasterGlenium® SKY8402  is free of chloride and complies with MNS ASTM C 494/C 494 M, and is also compatible with all cements meeting recognised international standards.

MasterGlenium® SKY8402 is differentiated from conventional superplasticisers in that it is based on a unique polycarboxylate ether polymer with long lateral chains. This greatly improves cement dispersion. At the start of the mixing process the same electrostatic dispersion occurs as described previously, but the presence of the lateral chains, linked to the polymer backbone, generates a steric hindrance which stabilises the cement particles capacity to separate and disperse.

This mechanism provides flowable concrete with greatly reduced water demand.



  • faster mixing logistics during large jobs
  • high flowability concrete
  • highly durable concrete
  • ready-mixed concrete
  • mass concrete
  • long distance transport
  • pumped concrete
  • hot weather concreting

concrete with less water content than with conventional admixtures



MasterGlenium® SKY8402 is a ready-to-use admixture to be added to the concrete mix as a separate component. Optimal mixing water reduction is obtained if MasterGlenium® SKY8402 is poured into the concrete mix right after the addition of the first 50 -70% of the mixing water. Avoid adding the admixture to the dry aggregates. A separate dispenser and feed line must be used.


Dosage of MasterGlenium® SKY8402 depends on the mix design, ambient conditions and degree of water reduction and workability required. MasterGlenium® SKY8402 is dispensed at a rate of 800ml to 2,000ml per 100 kg of cementitious material. Other dosages may also be used depending on the specific working conditions. Trial mixes should be made with job materials to determine the optimum dosage required for a specified job requirement.


MasterGlenium® SKY8402 is available in 1000KG IBCs or by bulk delivery.


MasterGlenium® SKY8402 can be stored for 12 months if stored at a temperature above 0ºC and in tightly sealed original containers. If frozen, thaw it and completely reconstitute by mild agitation. Do not use compressed air.