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Concrete/Shotcrete Admixtures

MasterGlenium - High-range water-reducing concrete admixtures

How do MasterGlenium high-range water-reducing admixtures work?

The MasterGlenium product offering from BASF comprises new generation high-range water-reducing admixtures that are specially formulated for applications where slump retention, high/early strengths and durability are required. Concrete mixtures containing these premier products can be optimized for delivery in remote locations and for use in hot and cold climates.

MasterSet - Concrete setting-time adjusters

How does MasterSet work?

The MasterSet product family is a comprehensive range of admixtures that allow concrete producers to modify the setting time of concrete according to their specific project needs. Depending on the product selected, MasterSet supplies admixtures that enhance acceleration or retardation as well as hydration controlling products that are ideal for the stabilization of long haul concrete.


Mastering underground construction challenges with MasterRoc

The MasterRoc product range is comprised of market-leading innovations and application expertise for the tunneling and mining industries.
In addition to a wide range of products, our globally connected team assists our customers in selecting the right products and systems, providing the best, most cost-effective and complete solutions based on innovation and technology, allowing our customers to operate successfully and to the highest safety standards.

MasterFiber - Reinforced crack control fibers for concrete

How does MasterFiber work?

MasterFiber high performance fiber products have been developed to help control concrete and mortar cracking. These unique fibers add superior bonding properties to the concrete matrix. The result is crack control and an extended service life of the concrete.

MasterAir - Air-entraining admixtures with advanced freeze-thaw durability

How does MasterAir work?

MasterAir air-entraining admixtures facilitate the development of a stable air void system within concrete that increases the durability of the concrete. Using MasterAir admixtures results in increased resistance to deterioration from cyclic freezing and thawing exposure conditions. These products also improve workability and cohesiveness of concrete facilitating placement.

MasterRoc HCA

Hydration Control MasterRoc HCA (formerly DELVO®CRETE) is a cement hydration control system for sprayed concrete and other cementitious applications such as grouting and injection. It is capable of maintaining an open time of up to 72 hours, allowing for total flexibility of site logistics.

MasterRoc MS

Microsilica MasterRoc MS microsilica improves the pumpability and workability performance of sprayed concrete mixes in the fresh state while reducing permeability and increasing density and long-term strength performance in the hardened state. It is available in both densified powder and liquid formulations.