WHAT IS IT: Acre after acre, year after year, you need a seeding solution that stands up to tough field conditions, while maintaining consistent seed depth in a variety of soils and residue levels. The 1830 have been built with enhanced durability, longevity and your profitability in mind. . USAGE: They are well suited for all small grains, sorghum, millet, raps seed, corn, beans and other crop. BENEFITS: Separate Fertilizer Placement; blockage sensors

Ерөнхий мэдээлэл:

ЗагварНийт жинНягтаршуулах хүчХүчин чадалХөдөлгүүр
1STR30C-8 3000 кг28/46kN28.1kWYANMAR-3TNV88-BDTYC
2STR50C-8 4500 кг47/68kN36kW KUBOTA-V2607-DI-T-ET21
3STR100C-8C 10500 кг140/94kN119kW CUMMINS-QSB4.5-C160-30
4STR130C-8C 13000 кг169/119kN119kWCUMMINS-QSB4.5-C160-30