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Acre after acre, year after year, you need a seeding solution that stands up to tough field conditions, while maintaining consistent seed depth in a variety of soils and residue levels. The 1830 have been built with enhanced durability, longevity and your profitability in mind.

Ерөнхий мэдээлэл:

Загвар Ухах өргөн багтаамжУхах гүнХөдөлгүүрийн чадал Хөдөлгүүр
1SCM500C-8HS 500 мм0-180 мм100kW SHANGCHAI- SC7H210G3
2SCM1000C-8  1000 мм0-280 мм 180kWSANY Engine/ D07S3-245E0
3SCM2000C-8S 2010 мм0-330 мм503kWCUMMINS -X15
4SCM2000C-8W 2010 мм0-330 мм566kWWECHAI -WP17G770E304