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WHAT IS IT: Acre after acre, year after year, you need a seeding solution that stands up to tough field conditions, while maintaining consistent seed depth in a variety of soils and residue levels. The 1830 have been built with enhanced durability, longevity and your profitability in mind. . USAGE: They are well suited for all small grains, sorghum, millet, raps seed, corn, beans and other crop. BENEFITS: Separate Fertilizer Placement; blockage sensors


Ерөнхий мэдээлэл: 

МоделДээд өргөх өндөр Өргөх чадалӨргөх момент
1SCS600A 52 м60 тн222 тн.м
2SCS800A 57 м80 тн 320 тн.м
3SCS900A 57 м90 тн 375 тн.м
4SCS1000A 57 м100 тн 412 тн.м
5SCC1350A 76 м135 тн 720 тн.м
6SCS1500A 76 м150 тн 882 тн.м
7SCC1800A 82 м180 тн1056 тн.м
8SCC2000A 85 м200 тн1152 тн.м
9SCC2500A 85 м250 тн 1380 тн.м
10SCC2600A 85 м272.2 тн1470 тн.м
11SCC2800A86 м280 тн 1620 тн.м
12SCC3200A 86 м 320 тн 1820 тн.м
13SCC5000A 84 м500 тн6200 тн.м
14SCE6000A 138 м600 тн7200 тн.м
15SCE8000A 165 м 800 тн12000 тн.м
16SCC12500A 108 м 1250 тн17000 тн.м
17SCC16000A 171 м 1600 тн19800 тн.м
18SCC20000A156 м 2000 тн28000 тн.м