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The fastest, most accurate north seeking gyro is here. The REFLEX GYRO SPRINT-IQ™ is available in continuous, single shot, multi shot and over shot modes and provides highly accurate survey data at speeds of up to 3x faster than currently used gyros. Run in continuous mode, the REFLEX GYRO SPRINT-IQ™ high speed benefits include survey speeds of more than 150 meters surveyed per minute and come at no degradation of high accuracy results. With the REFLEX GYRO SPRINT-IQ™, you can be confident of the survey data that comes from the tool’s north seeking sensors.

• 3x faster than currently used gyros in the industry and twice as accurate
• Seeks out True North with no risk of magnetic interference
• Increase productivity and reduce downtime by surveying during the normal drilling cycle
• Driller operable with no service providers required on site – minimal training required and an intuitive interface makes the tool easy to use
• Vertical and angled orientation — fast and accurate orientation of bottom hole assemblies without the need for costly, non-magnetic alloys.

Outer diameter 42.5mm
Length 1400mm including battery*
Weight 8kg including battery*
Operational Temperature 0ºC to + 70ºC (32ºF to + 158ºF)
Depth 6,000psi (3,000m fresh water)
Shock 500g (including bump sub)
Azimuth +/- 1º **
Dip +/- 0.3º
SurveySingle and multi-shot modes, continuous mode
Data CSV export
Survey Time >50m/minute, continuous
Type Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries
Operating time 15 hours each
Field changeable Yes, 2 batteries supplied per kit
Quantity 11 hours of continuous data
Export USB and WiFi
Format CSV
*Excluding running gear *Results depend on latitude and inclination