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Drilling Equipment

MSM Group is the official representative of Boart Longyear, who offers a full range of drilling products to suit many applications in the mining and drilling industry globally.

Drilling Equipment: Boart Longyear is a leading manufacturer and supplier of drill rigs to the global mining industry. Customers rely on these rigs for safety and increased productivity. Drill rigs are available for most mining, mineral exploration, energy, environmental sampling and remediation, and infrastructure reinforcement and development. Our range of highly-productive drill rigs is suited for a variety of applications, including:  surface and underground coring rigs, multipurpose rigs configurable for both diamond core and reverse circulation drilling, advanced technology sonic rigs, pneumatic and hydraulic rock drills, and geo-technical equipment.

Performance Tooling: Boart Longyear's performance tooling is well known and trusted among drilling contractors. It has revolutionized the industry with numerous technologically advanced products that are designed with the operator in mind. Our performance tooling focuses on delivering safe and reliable productivity in every drilling condition, while also being specifically engineered for long life. This tooling is designed by drillers and manufactured in one of six global manufacturing facilities. Most tooling is available for diamond coring, reverse circulation, production, sonic, and geo-construction drilling applications.

Parts and Service: A global full-service team provides every angle of support including maintenance, spare equipment sales, commissioning, training, rentals, rig customization and service exchange, and other drilling products. Boart Longyear understands how spare parts and service availability is critical to the success of a drilling operation better than most. Consider us your partner in keeping your projects running, with lower operating costs and higher returns on your equipment investments.