Sour liquor shop: Luxurious, Official distributor, New culture


Mongolians are a people who are always attracted to and enjoys consuming fancy and luxury goods. Therefore, well-known and interest in famous brand products of other developed countries. In particular, the liquor beverage culture has been growing and spreading rapidly. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are called a beverage. But now, instead of overusing alcoholic beverages, people know how to enjoy them by tasting in a cultured way. Therefore, we opened our liquor shop after seeing that there was a demand for culture from every customer from a special liquor shop.

In 2005, MSM Betastar Ltd. received the official distributor certificate of “Moët Hennessy” the luxury LVMH group company, and started its beverage distribution and imports officially. Over the last 18 years, we have been distributing world-famous brands officially.
Sour liquor shop is a place where customers can share cultural experiences in a comfortable, luxurious, and pleasant environment with the widest selection of over 760 domestic and world-renowned premium products.

Soyol-Erdene.B (Chief Operations officer)

The purpose of our store is to make the customers understand that the environment, food pairing, and even the glass used in drinking culture are very important. Therefore, our customer assistants help customers by explaining what they are for, what products they are choosing, and providing useful information based on their own experience.

Every Thursday, TASTING EXPERIENCE internal events are held inside the Sour liquor shop. Experienced and famous foreign and domestic bartenders come to introduce the history of weekly selected products, teach various cocktails, and hold tasting courses.

Last time, the official ambassador of Flor de Caña brand, 2017 World Class Champion, Taiwan’s best bartender Peter Lin came to Tasting Experience and present the history of the World’s most sustainably produced high-class rum, and including training. Each week, unique and different products are presented through Tasting experience events, so customers are very interested and excited to participate in the next event.

The main purpose of the TASTING EXPERIENCE event is to smell the aroma, taste the palate of selected products, experience them with all the human senses, and introduce a method of consumption that is compatible with the drinking experience of consumers.

It’s been half a year since we opened our store, and it’s been a long time to find our feet. As this is a new experience for us, we always learning at all phases continuously, to spread the proper consumption and culture of products, and work in accordance with the needs of customers.

Our team consists of more than 10. Customer assistants, store managers, and delivery service. We learn every day during working that we must have comprehensive knowledge of our products to help our customers. For example, there are 12 different main types of alcoholic products. Therefore, foreign consulting services and domestic brand managers teach and organize internal training to constantly learn about the market and products.

We are the largest and widest selection of premium brands liquor shop in Ulaanbaatar city. Consumers are buying premium quality products from the official distributors. Therefore, I think that the needs of the customers will guide our future activities.

For Mongolians, the increasing opportunity to receive world-famous products and services from their country is good, but the fact that the small market is a main problem. When foreign suppliers and investors make decisions based on static numbers and results in Mongolia, they are surprised by the reality when they came in person. Of course, we are always working to improve this situation in the future.